Boaz Space

He is the architect of Chicago’s hip hop renaissance; Boaz Space, also known as Bo Beniz has been helping artist achieve their Dreams since 2006. Considered the “connection” Boaz has the uncanny ability to put you where you need to be. Simply put, he knows everybody. No matter what your game is be it acting, rapping, signing dancing, comedy, event promotions or viral marketing he already has his foot in the door and wouldn’t mind helping you through it. For the right price that is. One half of the owners AKA SHOW/BENIZ, Boaz already has the industry in a choke hold and everyday his grip gets tighter.


show pr


The Chicago native, born and raised in Illinois, has his eyes on being the next hip hop mogul, and his company being the next big urban brand. $how (as known by most) has come a long way from when he first fell in love with hop hop years ago. He understands the game is not the same as it once used to be when he was just a fan. The songwriter/rapper turned promoter is now the Ceo and founder of his own management/promotion company (Humble Hungry Hustler Ent), a company he started based off of the 3 key elements he feels are most important to being a success in the business.